【Zombie MATHters】English review【たのしいさんすう】


記述日 2021/4/20

【Zombie MATHters】English review

【Zombie MATHters】【たのしいさんすう】英語レビューしていただきました




‎"ZOMBIE MATHTERS" MATH ZOMBIES are getting close to you! Solving MATH to defeat them all!! GameMode: ・ADDITION ・SUBTRAC...


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ZOMBIE MATHters on Steam
Calculate and defeat the zombies! "ZOMBIE MATHTERS" Add/subtract/multiply, You can defeat zombies!


Zombie MATHters iPhone Review

Math isn’t the most exciting subject to learn. What has been said most about any subject is if the learning process is made fun, young people are more apt to learn. Well, what if learning math skills helped beat a zombie hoard? That is the premise of the educational app, Zombie MATHter. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

MATH ZOMBIES are getting close to you!
Solving MATH to defeat them all!!

and more…?


Leaderbords to compete your score with world players all over the world!

Moody music accompanies the opening of this frightful app as dreadful zombies peer behind the menu. Different modes for Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Crocodile are available each in easy, normal, and finally hard. The star ranking indicates the difficulty of each level. The language is originally set to Japanese but can be changed to English in the settings.

Starting on the first Add level on one star for easy, simple addition problems appear on the screen with number buttons 0 through 9 at the bottom. Using the number buttons to punch in the answer for each problem correctly and quickly causes a meteorite to fall from the sky and injure or kill the zombie that is moving forward to invade. A wrong answer results in a penalty that will not allow a new answer to be submitted for several seconds. Submitting an answer too slow will also cause the zombie to move forward close enough to attack. There is no time limit but when HP runs out, the game is over. When the level is cleared successfully, a You Survived… message greets the user with the stats and zombies dancing to delightfully funky music. There are then options to play the level again or go back to the main screen to attempt a new one.

Each level earns a reward value needed to unlock the next stage and increase the difficulty. Watching ads will also reward with more coins to help unlock levels. The first levels are definitely easy and feel like a warm-up with single-digit math problems. Moving on, however, definitely increases the hardship with two-digit problems and a variety of bigger and badder zombie monsters quickly moving closer, putting on the pressure. For an extreme challenge, select Crocodile mode which increases the round to 80 seconds from 40 and even faster-moving zombies. The sound design and zombies are very creepy and effective but not so realistic a younger user couldn’t enjoy it, though it is rated for users 9 years and over. Even as an adult, the problems are very challenging and it is a struggle to type those answers in fast enough. I had no problem playing the app and it became addicting to beat those walkers, though there were quite a lot of ads for my taste. The app is free so I understand this is how the app is supported.

Zombie MATHters is good math practice with a fun and spooky twist. The app is available now in the App Store for free. It can also be found in the Google Play store for Android.



数学は学ぶのに最もエキサイティングな科目ではありません。どんな主題についても最も言われていることは、学習プロセスが楽しくなると、若者はより学びやすくなるということです。さて、数学のスキルを学ぶことがゾンビの群れを打ち負かすのに役立ったらどうなるでしょうか?それが教育アプリZombieMATHterの前提です。 AppStoreからのアプリの説明の一部を次に示します。






1つの星の最初の追加レベルから開始すると、簡単で単純な追加の問題が画面に表示され、下部に数字ボタン0〜9が表示されます。数字ボタンを使用して各問題の答えを正確かつ迅速に打ち込むと、隕石が空から落下し、侵入するために前進しているゾンビを傷つけたり殺したりします。間違った回答はペナルティになり、新しい回答を数秒間送信できなくなります。回答の送信が遅すぎると、ゾンビが攻撃するのに十分な距離まで前進します。時間制限はありませんが、HPがなくなるとゲームオーバーになります。レベルが正常にクリアされると、You Survived…メッセージがユーザーを迎え、統計とゾンビが楽しくファンキーな音楽に合わせて踊ります。次に、レベルをもう一度再生するか、メイン画面に戻って新しいレベルを試すかを選択できます。


楽しい算数は、楽しくて不気味なひねりを加えた優れた数学の練習です。このアプリは現在、AppStoreで無料で入手できます。 Android用のGooglePlayストアでも見つけることができます。